Monday, October 20, 2008

Adding fuel to the fire

I don't particularly like doing this, but considering the context right now it needs to be said.

In addition to Minnesota Wild director of pro scouting Blair Mackasey, the Wild have also sent pro scout Jamie Hislop to the Bell Centre for tonight's Canadiens game against the Florida Panthers.

Now, I will say that just because a team sends two scouts to a game doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could be that the travel itineraries made it convenient or a myriad of other possible explanations.

But considering all the trade rumours surrounding these two teams right now, it can't simply be brushed off as a coincidence that two Wild scouts are at tonight's game.

Meanwhile, Jaroslav Halak is the best player on the ice, and Christopher Higgins is nowhere to be found because of a flare up of his "groin injury," the accuracy of which I'm starting to doubt more and more every day.

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Yves said...

If there is substance to this trade rumour... I'm wondering how the numbers would match up. Seems like there would have to be someone other than the rumour originally suggested in Higgins, Halak and a first rounder....

I must also say that when I first heard Higgins would play, I figured that would calm the rumour a bit.... but then since they then changed his status for tonight it certainly does seem to be possible that something might be up.

Habs just turned it up!!