Saturday, November 1, 2008

I smell danger

The Canadiens better be careful tonight, because this dance in Long Island has danger game written all over it.

First, there's Yann Danis between the pipes. Not only is he a Québécois goalie playing against the Habs, which is ingredient number one in the recipe for disaster, but Danis has the added incentive of trying to shove a win down the throat of the team that cut him loose.

On top of that, the Islanders are just the type of team the Habs have a tendency to let up against.

This is by no means a prediction of doom for tonight's game, but it's a warning. I just hope this business of playing ice soccer before practice is a further sign of the strong chemistry on this team and not one of taking an opponent lightly.

Just look at how Patrick Lalime, Jocelyn Thibeault and scores of other mediocre home-grown goalies have stepped up their game against the Habs, and you'll get an idea why they need to be on their toes tonight in Uniondale.

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