Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AK27 needs to respond

Sorry for the prolonged absence from the blog, I had a Saturday away from hockey and then some personal matters came up, but I'm back tonight blogging from the Flames game.

I didn't get a chance to see the game against the Devils on Saturday night except for the third period, and one thing I did see was the penalty Alex Kovalev took in the dying seconds of regulation. Unlike a lot of other people in this town, I haven't ripped Kovalev yet for his lack of production because I felt he'd been playing pretty well. But that penalty was inexcusable.

You've got to know game situations, especially a veteran like Kovalev, and he let his own personal frustration take precedence over the team on that play.

That's what makes tonight's game of the utmost importance for #27, because I don't think his teammates are all that pleased with him right now and a big performance tonight could put him back in their good graces.

I'll have a blog up immediately after the game, and another with some post-game reaction later.

It's good to be back folks.

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Chris said...


Welcome back! Keep the faith in Kovalev, the guy is playing well, just not getting breaks. When they come he will be every bit "the artiste". Off to my own game tonight, the over 30 garage league, might try a kovalev spin-o-rama this eve...stay tuned.