Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whenever you think they're down...

...they keep proving everyone wrong.

Everyone, including myself, thought Jaroslav Halak stood no chance of walking into Madison Square Garden and stoning the Rangers the way he did. Or that an injury-ravaged Habs team could pull out a road win over a perfectly healthy Rangers squad.

But, as they've proven several times already this season, the Canadiens save their best for their biggest tests, and Wednesday night they played what amounted to a perfect road game.

I'm not ready to give the power play credit for scoring twice, though Andrei Markov's goal showed just how important it is to win those faceoffs.

Finally, Robert Lang now has 15 goals after his hat trick, and he's only six short of his total for all of last season. At this rate, he'd top 30 goals for only the second time in his career, and both those times were when he was playing on the same team - if not the same line - as Alex Kovalev.

I've got to cut it short tonight because I'm off to the Team 990 to do my radio show, Hump Night. It starts at 11 p.m., check it out if you so desire.


Arjun said...

Why do you never promote your blog on Hump Night?

Why does Patrice Brisebois still have a job?

Why don't the Habs have Pacioretty's parents at every game?

Did Matt D'Agostini even play last night? You'd never know it.

SRS said...

Halak's rebound control was wretched again last night. Positioning was bad on the second goal. He was almost in the net for a shot from the top of the circle. (although he was screened) This game was a lot closer than the score indicated. I hope we see Denis and Weber in tonight's game. Gotta win tonight if we have any aspirations of catching the big bad B's. They're in a mini slump and I recently read Lucic will be laid up for a few games.

SRS said...

One more thing... I know we're thin right now at forward positions... but Begin is playing uninspired hockey again. Seems like he's the kind of player you you need to motivate by a little pine riding once in a while. Memeber when he came back after sitting for nine games? Came back on fire. Throwing his body at opponents like a madman. I'm not seeing any of that anymore. Loafing and make bad decisions with the puck. Maybe it's his new linemates who aren't inspiring him. Either way if it keeps up I think he's the one to sit when Koivu comes back.

pierre said...

Very good win by the boys last night..... it wasn't a game I watched from the edge of my seat but in the end there was something satisfying about the procedure and about how they went about it.... I liked their concerted effort and the fact that they kepted-up for three periods, I liked their discipline too.... they played well within their limits just like the Rangers did but our discipline was better and so was our goaly compared with theirs.

Boston unlike us started their season thinking they had less scoring rescources than they actually HAVE and so their game was based on an intelligent concerted effort and disciplined hochey from the get go...... our own first half of the season showned to be an opposite situation to theirs in that our team wasn't properly prepared to play the type of game you need to play in order to have success when your team is only an average scoring team which turned out to be our lot so far.... if we keep playing within our now aknowledge limits..... and if we can regain this season some of the scoring prowess our team showed last year than our second half of the season could well looked like Boston's own first half...... thats the best we can be hoping for.