Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gainey even had to overpay on trade market

Not only is Chris Higgins heading to the Rangers for Scott Gomez, Bob Gainey is sending Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko along with him.

Trading Higgins for Gomez is one thing, because you are basically doing the Rangers a favour by grabbing that ridiculous contract. But to throw in one of your top defensive prospects, even if he's not developping the way you would have liked, is simply way too much to pay for a player of Gomez's calibre.

Along with Gomez the Habs are getting centre Tom Pyatt, a fourth round pick from 2005 who was in the ECHL as recently as two years ago and has never played an NHL game, and defenceman Michael Busto, who went undrafted and has never even played in the AHL.

I don't want to rush to judgment too soon, but this could really blow up in Gainey's face.

More later, once I've been able to process this.


B B said...

I think this will work out. Gomez was under huge pressure playing in the same market as the Devils. His contract is big, but weren't we looking to acquire a centre with bigger contract. I think we have a our first line centre for a while.

pfhabs said...

Gainey is ruining this team and should be fired on the spot

Gomez is 5'10" and skills are declining at $8.0 million/yr with cap hit of $7.37 for the next 5 years

McDonaugh is their #1 prospect and slated to be a #1a or #2 D man

Higgins is an elite PK guy and shutdown guy who can skate, score and can spend some time on 1st or 2nd line...Pyatt is not as good as Lapierre

Busto will NEVER play in the NHL according to Pierre McGuire

great deal Bob pls go away you idiot...good grief he and Gauthier are dumber than Milbury

Anonymous said...

This can only be a trade and move him along kind of deal
If Not Bob should be FIRED !!!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

I like this math... If Gomez is a big center at 5'11, that makes me GIANT at 6'

Gainey just got OWNED

Hey but things are looking up for that big Habs bicentennial...

Sliver24 said...

What an absolutely horrible trade.

The sad thing is it's going to look even worse when the Rangers turn around and sign Komisarek with the cap space they freed up in this terrible deal.

Either that or you're going to see Heatley in New York by noon tomorrow.

Glen Sather took Gainey to the cleaners on this one.