Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Koivu visit this year

The Habs 2009/10 schedule has just been released, and Saku Koivu's Anaheim Ducks will not be visiting Montreal this season. The Canadiens play in Orange County on March 7.

Alex Kovalev and the Senators first visit the Bell Centre on Oct 17, and I'm very curious to see the reception he receives in light of the fact he rejected the exact same contract from the Habs that he eventually accepted from the Sens.

Meanwhile, Habs fans will have their first opportunity to boo Mike Komisarek and the Leafs on Halloween night.

Chris Higgins and the New York Rangers visit Oct. 24, giving Scott Gomez a chance to stick it to his old team. Or not.


Sliver24 said...

Kovy's back in town for my birthday - on a Saturday to boot!

I definitely need to try to get my hands on those tix...

pfhabs said...

it should surprise no one that given that I'm so enamored with Bob's work that I spent my tix money on new irons....perhaps I'll grab some of those Koivu, Komisarek and Higgins T-shirts at the boutique and call it a year

pmk said...

Hey Pf maybe its time for a new team?! – The leafs always have room on their wagon…

pfhabs said...

hey pmk:

get your head out of the sand the osterich look gives Bob too much for wagons I'll put my record up against yours any day of the week pal

I've hated the leafs longer than you've been alive

Sliver24 said...

Wow. Good thing I held onto that Valium. Looks like you could put it to better use than me pfhabs.

pmk said...

pf - Just curious but IF (I know, I know its impossible but just go with me) the habs rock next year what do you do?

a- own up on these boards that you were wrong

b- call it a fluke and tell us to 'wait until next yr you young whipper snappers - then you'll see"

c- quote pierre mcguire again.

pfhabs said...


-well your question depends on the definition of rocks; one man's floor another's ceiling. but assume "rock" means they are top 4-5 in conference vs just another bubble year I would say I was wrong and move on....

-btw where do you see a quote from or of mcguire ? just because my thoughts lead me down the same path as some others doesn't mean I quote means we came to the same conclusion

-at any time pmk you can stop quoting Bob Gainey

-going with the herd as you have
lacks a serious analysis of Bob's body of work over the last 5 years...hell just look at last year's accomplishments...try it out you may find a slightly different take


-no you hang onto it until the Vinny sweepstakes are over...

Anonymous said...

i can't believe it got this ugly over an article about the habs' schedule...

nice work arp. ; )

pmk said...

So many question pf, so many questions...
I would argue that the majority (including your buddy McGuire and his tsn cronies) are questioning gainey at this point rather than supporting him so it seems to me that you are "going with the herd". Fact is the team is completely new so no one knows how it will go. Anyone claiming they do is full of shit. (yes EVEN Pierre McGuire! Sacrilege!)

You don’t quote the (almighty) Pierre??
Cause here’s one from one of your comments:
"with a new system to learn it will all take time and as McGuire called it the other day an experiment and as I'm saying not a sure thing"

Here’s another:
"Busto will NEVER play in the NHL according to Pierre McGuire"

And here you quote his cronies!
"I said apparently Valentenko was coming back and that's from TSN discussing the Gomez deal in that Sather would only have taken him knowing it was possible to get him back."

Need I go on???

pfhabs said...


-go on as much as you like, its no concern to me... you're welcome to your opinion no mater how brilliant no matter how stupid

-I could give a rat's ass about how the season turns out because in my view these will not change for me regardless of whether they win a Cup or end up 30th

a) Bo(zo) to steal a line from someone else overpaid for Gomez
b) Komaserik was available to the CH and offers more to them than any of Spacek, Gill or Mara
c) they treated Koivu like shit

-as for McGuire seems to me the guy was an assistant coach, head coach and assistant GM in Hartford; assistant coach in Ottawa, assistant in Pittsburg, coached in minor pros and college level and was a euro scout for some NHL team...please tell us all what did you ever do in the show ?

so if my opinions come out on his side rather than your side I'll consider myself in good company and you sitting in the kaka on a hope and a pray

as for going on I don't think Arpon charges by the word so by all means fill your boots