Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mommy, mommy, I passed!

Just arrived at Habs medicals and physical testing in Brossard and unfortunately missed out on big Georges Laraque addressing the media.

But for those of you who had a little wager on whether or not his wonky back passed muster, I can tell you it did and he expects to be able to participate in training camp starting Sunday with the first on-ice sessions.

Laraque told reporters he lost 20 pounds this offseason as he switched to a vegan diet, and that he now tips the scales at a svelte 245. Which means the big guy was lugging around at least 265 pounds last season, which would easily explain those disc problems in his back.

He also said he won't be a source of entertainment for the media this season, that he will just keep his mouth shut and play when he's asked to. I made my feelings pretty clear on how Laraque behaved near the tail end of last season, telling reporters he expected to be traded at the deadline because of how little he was playing. That's not an enforcer's role, and it appears he understands that a little better now.

I'll be talking to several other members of the team this morning, with a focus on the new defence corps charged with defending Carey Price's net this season, so check back later for another update from lovely Brossard.

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