Sunday, July 25, 2010

New commenting rules

This is just a quick note to say I've switched the settings that allowed just anyone to comment on the blog. You now need to sign in via OpenID in order to post a comment, just so you'll be identified to all the other readers when you spout off your opinion on what I wrote.

I really hope this doesn't discourage people to comment on the site. I love it when something I write provokes long, drawn out debates/discussions. But I find that taking part in such a debate with four or five different anonymous users can be aggravating. OpenID is very easy to use, and will work if you're a member of basically any website in the world (Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Facebook etc...).

Anyhow, let me know if you run into any problems with the new system, and if you refuse to sign in you can contact me via e-mail by clicking on my profile link on the right hand side of the page.

I am working on (which means thinking about, which means procrastinating) something about Jacques Martin that I hope to have posted very soon.  


B B said...

I'm still out on Martin. The playoffs, he was a genius. The week before, he was an idiot. Is he really long term?

B B said...
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V said...

Very interested to see your post on Martin. I think the guy was completely maligned all year and did a good job with a brand new lineup with lots of injuries to key players.

Just to get a sense for what he was working with, go to the NHL website and look at the highlights of last years season opening game against the Leafs... you will be shocked at how many people in that lineup were playing their first game together and/or are no longer in the lineup at all.

Do I like his every move - absolutely not. Do I wish he had more life than a turnip when he conducts an interview - yes. But between his experience and demeanor he got the job done in tough circumstances.

MathMan said...

I think Martin got carried by his goalie in the playoffs, which is par for the course because his goalies carried him TO the playoffs. And possibly saved his job in the process.

I'm really curious to see what Arpon has to say.

Getting rid of the Anonymous posts is probably a good thing, even if it forced me to get off my ass and set up a Blogger account...

Sliver24 said...

I like the new commenting restrictions. I have no doubt that you'll still get great discussions.

The fact that you're getting comments on things you haven't even written yet leads me to believe that there won't be a problem ;)

pfhabs said...


-re posting, glad to see the change

-re JM or Count Chocula as I call him, would be glad to see a change

brandon said...

Can someone explain what JM's "system" is? For all the talk about support and short passes, all I see is collapsing low in the defensive zone and a passive 1-2-2 forecheck, plus running a short bench as often as possible.

It's a recipe for 5-on-5 disaster, and if Halak had two or three average games in the regular season, we'd be talking about Boucher right now.

pfhabs said...


-you've got the main more progressive coaches (including Boucher) are much more aggressive on attack and on the forecheck The Count believes in being passive and waiting to counter attack...kind of wastes all that speed quotient that the CH has up front

-if not for Jaro's miracles perhaps a lot would be different and the team in my estimation would have been better off. but the 'Halak' mascara has many believing this is a top tier eastern conference team with a solid core of players and solid managers and coaches

-not my view

Canucnik said...

In Ottawa, Jacques had good teams, an ordinary GM and no goaler.

In Florida, Martin had no team, himself as GM and no goaler.

In Montreal, Jacques Martin had a small team with a "Great" goal tender and Uncle Bob. Now with the "Ghost" as his GM, he has a small team with a reluctant Russian on defence and an unknown Price in the nets???

HoustonHab said...
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