Friday, December 11, 2009

An early Christmas miracle?

Andrei Markov skated hard for close to an hour in Brossard today, and he will be travelling to Atlanta with the team.

Good news, to be sure, but the team said he would not be in the lineup against the Thrashers. Markov was to meet with doctors early next week, which could have been an occasion for him to get the green light to play.

That, in and of itself, is not a miracle, though Markov's rapid progress from a devastating injury is definitely a great dose of good fortune for a team that hasn't had a lot of it this year.

But then, at 1:43 p.m., I got an e-mail from the team stating that Yannick Weber had been sent down to the Hamilton Bulldogs, two days after he'd been called up, and without playing a game. His call up was seemingly as insurance in case Jaroslav Spacek couldn't play against the Penguins on Thursday.

So Spacek finally wound up playing, but in my eyes, his performance was far from reassuring as far as his health is concerned. I would think that under the circumstances, having Weber around in Atlanta would give Jacques Martin the option of dressing seven defencemen in case Spacek was still a step too slow to keep up, which certainly appeared to be the case Thursday night.

I don't want to start any rumours, but sending Weber down today shortly after revealing that Markov is making the trip to Atlanta is definitely some ripe material for speculation. So that's all I'm doing here, speculating.

In all likelihood, Markov won't play in Atlanta. I just find it curious that Montreal would first say that Weber will be joining the team on the trip and then, less that two hours later, announce that Weber was being sent back to Hamilton.

That's all I'm saying.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Yannick Weber, Canadiens management are obviously practicing calling up players and sending them back down after the Ryan White incident.

But all kidding aside, Markov will obviously be back earlier than expected, but Saturday? I mean he hasn't even practiced with the team yet. To me it seems highly unlikely... but who really knows?

pfhabs said...


-perhaps given their position via the cap they will scrimp whenever they can and will err on side of caution

TK said...

when is pouliot expected to make his debut?

pmk said...

he's in the minors for a conditioning stint.

TK said...

oh good, that makes sense.
Also, what is the deal with Olivier Fortier? I see he is part of the payroll, but he hasn't played a game in the NHL, AHL, or ECHL. Whats going on there?

Arpon Basu said...

Fortier has been on injured reserve since training camp. I believe he is due to go back to Rimouski when he is better. I'm not sure why he's still listed as being on the Habs, but I would guess it's because he was hurt while in Montreal. Saw the same thing last year with Mathieu Carle when he got hurt, he was only sent back to Hamilton when he was better. I don't think it has any impact on the Habs cap number.

john deere said...

I wonder if there is any truth to the rumours that Montreal is shopping Halak for a top six forward? The workload in Montreal is way too much for Carey Price to handle without a decent back up.

Also, rumours are that Kovalev wants to finish his career in Montreal after his contract is up with Ottawa. I haven't been following Ottawa this year but if Kovalev starts to float and put in a half-hearted effort he might be available a lot sooner than that.

V said...

Just my view john deere... the Kovalev ship has permanently sailed for me.

Hope he's never back. Like to remember him for what he was... 51%gold and 49% tin.

john deere said...

I hear what you're saying but I look at it differently - that the problem with the Habs were that the Canadiens lacked enough core talent. I think if they had a few more skill players Kovalev's inconsistency wouldn't be such a big letdown.

In a lot of ways the Oilers were like that with Glenn Anderson. The opposing teams would figure out how to minimize the damage Gretzky, Kurri and Messier would create and then Glenn Anderson would step up his game and light up the scoreboard.

Anonymous said...

Cap numbers? with all these injures to top paid players can anybody tell me what that does to our
cap come trade deadline?