Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scoreboard watching

Scott Gomez, when discussing the four-day break between games the Habs just began, figured one of the more positive aspects of it will be that it will allow their Eastern Conference rivals to catch up in the games played department.

That way, Gomez figured, the Canadiens would have a better idea of where they stand.

"It'll be nice to see after everyone catches up instead of always looking at the board and seeing they have all these games in hand," he said after Saturday night's overtime loss to the Devils.

Well, Scott, I don't know if you'll be entirely satisfied come Thursday, because most of the teams in the hunt for the final four playoff spots will have only played one game by the time the Canadiens face the Stars.

Two of the eight other teams in contention played Sunday, with Ottawa losing 4-1 to Carolina and Tampa Bay finishing a 4-2 win over New Jersey that began Friday night. By Thursday night's games, only the Senators and the New York Islanders will match the Canadiens 47 games played this season.

Here, then, is a little scoreboard-watching guide for the next couple of days:

Boston: playing 45th game Wednesday at Anaheim.
NY Rangers: playing 46th game Tuesday against New Jersey
Ottawa: playing 47th game Tuesday at Atlanta
Philadelphia: playing 45th game Tuesday against Dallas
NY Islanders: playing 47th game Tuesday against Detroit
Atlanta: playing 45th game Tuesday against Ottawa
Tampa Bay: playing 45th game Tuesday against Washington
Florida: playing 46th game Wednesday against Washington


pmk said...

check out this article on the price halak situation. The debate continues...

Arpon Basu said...

That guy is incredible. I look forward to his entries every month. Every time I think it's time to do some sort of goalie analysis, I just don't bother because I could never top what he does.

john deere said...

Thanks for the link to the article.

I think most people would prefer to keep both but if Halak is forcing the issue then he will likely be the guy being traded. Especially as it sure looks like Price is Gainey's guy.

pmk said...

No doubt price is gaineys guy. I just don't think trading halak without having price signed longterm is a good idea. I am also not convinced that mtl and price is a relationship that will last...

john deere said...

Latrendresse scored once and added three assists in the Wild victory over the Penguins. He looks really good playing on the same line as Havlat.

Here's the review, Gomez is traded to the Habs freeing up the Rangers to get Gaborik. The Wild get Havlat because they lost Gaborik. If Canadiens would of signed Havlat instead we could of avoided this whole musical chairs.