Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morning playoff check-up

The Rangers are still alive after drowning the Leafs 5-1 at home, allowing them to control their own destiny. If they sweep their home and home with the Flyers in regulation, they’re in no matter what anybody else does.

The Canadiens have a chance to clinch tonight by reaching overtime in Raleigh, but if they come out for this game the way they did in Long Island, forget it.

Montreal Canadiens – Sixth place, 39-32-9, 87 points
Last night – Did not play
Next game: @ Carolina tonight
2 games remaining, 0 against teams in playoff spot
Home (1) – Tor April 10
Road (1) – Car April 8

Philadelphia Flyers – Seventh place, 40-34-6, 86 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: @ New York Rangers Friday
2 games remaining, 0 against teams in playoff spot
Home (1) – NYR April 11
Road (1) – NYR April 9

Boston Bruins – Eighth place, 36-30-13, 85 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: v. Buffalo tonight
3 games remaining, 2 against teams in playoff spot
Home (2) – Buf April 8, Car April 10 
Road (1) – Was April 11

New York Rangers – Ninth place, 37-33-10, 84 points
Last night: 5-1 win over Toronto
Next game: v Philadelphia Friday
2 games remaining, 2 against teams in playoff spot
Home (1) – Pha April 9
Road (1) – Pha April 11


Anonymous said...

Ws best for the Habs the Rangers won last night and are still alive so Flyers won't get 2 easy games , they still may get one if they beat the Rangers in the first game. Habs must NOT finish 8th. In either of 6th or 7th they will most probably (unless the Devils collapse) meet either Buffalo or New Jersey - 2 teams the Habs can beat. If by chance the Rangers lose a game and Habs get in by losing their last 3 games to bottom feeders Carolina, Toronto after losing to the Islanders - the Habs wouldn't even deserve or belong in these playoffs and if at #8 they wouldn't have a prayer against Washington. Habs must win tonight to maintain edge on race to 6th place. All Philly needs to do to pass them is gain a point as the Flyers hold tie-breaker over Habs and Boston needs to pass Habs but they are only 2 points back and have ONE GAME IN HAND to do it if Habs stumble. Habs must win tonight to have a shot of getting to Round 2.

pmk said...

I think NJ would be the worst possible 1st rd. match up. I actually would much rather Wash. Buf. would be my first choice though.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey would be the BEST team of the top 4 teams in the east for the Habs to face and easiest for them to beat. This is not the same Devils of the past, neither is Brodeur anymore. What Brodeur did in last year's playoffs costing them the series and what he looked like in the Olympics is exactly what Brodeur now is. There is a reason why Washington has 19 more points than New Jersey has - the reason is they are so much superior to the Devils it is a joke.

Anonymous said...

You can stick a fork in 'em now! Habs are done like dinner! Even if they sneak in the back door because Rangers don't win 2 they'd now have to face Washington a team who will probably finish 34 points ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

After watching our team for the last two games, against non contending teams... Islands and Carolina, I am very concern if they even get in to the payoffs and if they do, I do not give them much of a chance unless some of our guys wake up, Last night against Carolina, it was hard to watch a group of AHL players show those old times how to skate, shoot and pass,,, being a Hab fan today is hard on most of us, awful to be that biased for a team that you love... Come on guys an honest hard effort is all we ask for win or lose, we can say we gave it 100