Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Midday playoff check-up

In case you haven’t heard, the Habs lost 2-0 to Ottawa last night, costing them a chance to claim fifth in the conference for a second straight game.

There’s a big game at the bottom of the board tonight as the Bruins visit the Thrashers in an effort to hold on to the final playoff spot. The Thrashers are riding a four-game win streak into this game, while Boston has won two of three.

Buffalo Sabres – Third place, 39-22-10, 88 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: v Montreal Wednesday
11 games remaining, 6 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Mtl March 24, Ott March 26, TB March 27, Fla March 31, NYR April 6.
Road (6) – Bos March 29, Tor April 1, Mtl April 3, Bos April 8, Ott April 10, NJ April 11

Ottawa Senators – Fifth place, 38-30-5, 81 points
Last night: 2-0 win over Montreal
Next game: v. Philadelphia tonight
9 games remaining, 4 against teams in playoff spot
Home (4) – Pha March 23, Fla March 27, Car April 1, Buf April 10
Road (5) – Buf March 26, Was March 30, NYI April 3, Fla April 6, TB April 8

Philadelphia Flyers – Sixth place, 37-30-5, 79 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: @ Ottawa tonight
10 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Min March 25, NJ March 28, Mtl Apr 2, Det April 4, NYR April 11
Road (5) – Ott March 23, Pgh March 27, NYI April 1, Tor April 6, NYR April 9

Montreal Canadiens – Seventh place, 36-30-7, 79 points
Last night – 2-0 loss to Ottawa
Next game: @ Buffalo Wednesday
9 games remaining, 4 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Fla March 25, NJ March 27, Car March 31, Buf April 3, Tor April 10
Road (4) – Buf March 24, Pha April 2, NYI April 6, Car April 8

Boston Bruins – Eighth place, 32-27-12, 76 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: @ Atlanta tonight
11 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (6) – TB March 25, Cgy March 27, Buf March 29, Fla April 1, Buf April 8, Car April 10 
Road (5) – Atl March 23, NJ March 30, Tor April 3, Was April 5, Was April 11

Atlanta Thrashers – Ninth place, 32-29-11, 75 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: v Boston tonight
10 games remaining, 6 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Bos March 23, Tor March 25, Car March 29, NJ April 6, Pgh April 10
Road (5) – Car March 27, Tor March 30, Was April 1, Pgh April 3, Was April 9


Anonymous said...

Like I said yesterday, it is not the bottom of the board. Those other teams below Atlanta still are in range, if only one goes on a win streak they are back in the playoff race. If Habs lose to Buffalo tomorrow they are basically back down fighting for the #8 spot and Buffalo will be long gone.

Once this happened, although there were no 3 point games in those days:

Back in 1958-1959 Toronto who had missed the playoffs for several years were 9 points behind the Rangers for the 4th and final playoff spot with 5 games to play. Only way the Leafs could make the playoffs was by winning their last 5 games while the Rangers lost their last 5. Two of the teams last 5 games were against each other. The Leafs did win their last 5 and the Rangers lost their last 5 and Toronto got in. They then won their first round series and that team formed the core of what would be their Stanley Cup champions several times in the 60s.

Arpon Basu said...

And as I said yesterday, this board is meant to reflect the Canadiens playoff hopes, and it is flexible. If Montreal loses in Buffalo tomorrow, then the Sabres come off the board. If the Rangers go on a winning streak, then they get back on. The NHL standings are available for anyone to look at, but this is just to situate the Canadiens amid the playoff hopefuls.

Anonymous said...

All I still say is "it ain't over 'till its' over" and Habs are also not out of reach of those teams. I have seem these complete reversals happen to teams whether impossible comebacks or implausible collapses many times in many sports. Habs just yesterday loooked like they were moving into 5th by themselves, by later tonight one day later they may be just 2 points ahead of the 9th place team. Sure looks like a different scenario in just 24 hours?

I know it's a longshot, but if for example Florida won out and swept their final 10 games - and anything is possible - then the Canadiens assuming a possible loss vs. Florida, would need to go 5 wins and a tie out of their remaining 8 games to just beat out Florida. And Rangers sit above Florida right now.

Anonymous said...

And now Florida sits 8 points back of Montreal with one game in hand and do not play on Wednesday while Habs face hot Buffalo on the road, a Canadiens loss would mean Florida will have 2 games in hand and be 8 points behind as they come to Montreal to play the Habs on Thursday night, Habs second game in 2 nights. That is how fast everything can change even for a couple of those teams below.