Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning playoff check-up

The Bruins put a crink in the Thrashers playoff surge with a 4-0 win in Georgia last night, which also maintained the Habs four-point cushion over Atlanta. Boston, however, creeped to within a point of Montreal for seventh place. In Ottawa, meanwhile, the Senators posted a second straight 2-0 win over a direct playoff rival by downing the Flyers. So that meant Philly remains tied in points with Montreal, but is still in sixth because they have one more win.

Of course, everyone assumes that sixth spot is a coveted one because it would mean drawing, in all likelihood, the Sabres in the first round. We’ll find out tonight if that would be good thing for the Canadiens when they play in Buffalo. Montreal can claim sole possession of sixth with a win.

Buffalo Sabres – Third place, 39-22-10, 88 points
Last night: Did not play
Next game: v Montreal tonight
11 games remaining, 6 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Mtl March 24, Ott March 26, TB March 27, Fla March 31, NYR April 6.
Road (6) – Bos March 29, Tor April 1, Mtl April 3, Bos April 8, Ott April 10, NJ April 11

Ottawa Senators – Fifth place, 39-30-5, 83 points
Last night: 2-0 win over Philadelphia
Next game: @ Buffalo Friday
8 games remaining, 3 against teams in playoff spot
Home (3) – Fla March 27, Car April 1, Buf April 10
Road (5) – Buf March 26, Was March 30, NYI April 3, Fla April 6, TB April 8

Philadelphia Flyers – Sixth place, 37-31-5, 79 points
Last night: 2-0 loss to Ottawa
Next game: v Minnesota Thursday
9 games remaining, 4 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Min March 25, NJ March 28, Mtl Apr 2, Det April 4, NYR April 11
Road (4) – Pgh March 27, NYI April 1, Tor April 6, NYR April 9

Montreal Canadiens – Seventh place, 36-30-7, 79 points
Last night – Did not play
Next game: @ Buffalo tonight
9 games remaining, 4 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Fla March 25, NJ March 27, Car March 31, Buf April 3, Tor April 10
Road (4) – Buf March 24, Pha April 2, NYI April 6, Car April 8

Boston Bruins – Eighth place, 34-27-12, 78 points
Last night: 4-0 win over Atlanta
Next game: v Tampa Bay Thursday
10 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (6) – TB March 25, Cgy March 27, Buf March 29, Fla April 1, Buf April 8, Car April 10 
Road (4) – NJ March 30, Tor April 3, Was April 5, Was April 11

Atlanta Thrashers – Ninth place, 32-30-11, 75 points
Last night: 4-0 loss to Boston
Next game: v Toronto Thursday
9 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (4) – Tor March 25, Car March 29, NJ April 6, Pgh April 10
Road (5) – Car March 27, Tor March 30, Was April 1, Pgh April 3, Was April 9


V said...

Good night for Montreal - they maintain distance on ninth and have a better chance of reeling Philadelphia in. They seem to be in worst position right now with key injuries to goalies and Carter. Might be enough to allow Atlanta to take their place...

Anonymous said...

Habs are NOT yet even close to cinching a playoff spot. As I said before. Florida if Habs lose to this Buffalo team that is on a roll tonight and Florida beats the Habs tomorrow night, the Panthers will be just 6 points behind and will have 2 games in hand or possibly be 2 points away if they win those games. Same can be said for Boston and Philly not assured of anything.

And who says 6th or 7th will mean an easier first round opponent than if the team finishes 5th? When Pittsburgh may well end up the #4 team? And they will have Malkin back for the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Another point is Buffalo may very possibly end up the #2 seed who would play the #7 seed. Sabres at present are but 2 points out of the #2 spot and hold a game in hand over New Jersey with 11 games still to play.

There are so many possibilities, real possibilities as of right now.