Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning playoff check-up

Absolutely nothing went down last night, but every team in the race will make up a game in hand on the Canadiens tonight. Well, that’s not entirely true as the Devils beat the Penguins at home last night to take over the division lead, dropping Pittsburgh down to fourth in the conference. I’m not sure who the Canadiens would prefer facing of the two teams. It’s a bit of a pick your poison situation for them.

The Morning Playoff Check-up Marquee Match-up is in Boston tonight, though it has little to do with the playoff race. It is the grudge match between the Bruins and Penguins, their first game since Matt Cooke tried to decapitate Marc Savard, and was practically thanked by the NHL for doing it.

Buffalo Sabres – Third place, 36-22-10, 82 points
Last night: 4-3 loss to Atlanta
Next game: @ Tampa Bay tonight
14 games remaining, 6 against teams in playoff spot
Home (5) – Mtl March 24, Ott March 26, TB March 27, Fla March 31, NYR April 6.
Road (9) – TB March 18, Fla March 20, Car March 21, Bos March 29, Tor April 1, Mtl April 3, Bos April 8, Ott April 10, NJ April 11

Ottawa Senators – Fifth place, 37-28-5, 79 points
Last night: 4-1 loss to Toronto
Next game: @ Atlanta tonight
12 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (4) – Philadelphia March 23, Florida March 27, Carolina April 1, Buffalo April 10
Road (8) –Atl March 18, Dal March 20, Mtl March 22, Buf March 26, Was March 30, NYI April 3, Fla April 6, TB April 8

Montreal Canadiens – Sixth place, 36-29-6, 78 points
Last night – 3-1 win over New York Rangers
Next game: @ Toronto Saturday
11 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (6) – Ott March 22, Fla March 25, NJ March 27, Car March 31, Buf April 3, Tor April 10
Road (5) – Tor March 20, Buf March 24, Pha April 2, NYI April 6, Car April 8

Philadelphia Flyers – Seventh place, 36-28-5, 77 points
Last night: 4-3 shootout loss to Nashville
Next game: @ Dallas tonight
13 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (6) – Atl March 21, Min March 25, NJ March 28, Mtl Apr 2, Det April 4, NYR April 11
Road (8) – Dal March 18, Atl March 20, Ott March 23, Pgh March 27, NYI April 1, Tor April 6, NYR April 9

Boston Bruins – Eighth place, 31-26-12, 74 points
Last night: 5-2 win over Carolina
Next game: v. Pittsburgh tonight
13 games remaining, 6 against teams in playoff spot
Home (8) – Pgh March 18, NYR March 21, TB March 25, Cgy March 27, Buf March 29, Fla April 1, Buf April 8, Car April 10 
Road (5) – Atl March 23, NJ March 30, Tor April 3, Was April 5, Was April 11

New York Rangers – Ninth place, 31-30-9, 71 points
Last night: 3-1 loss to Montreal
Next game: v. St. Louis tonight
12 games remaining, 5 against teams in playoff spot
Home (4) – StL March 18, NYI March 24, Tor April 7, Pha April 9
Road (8) – Bos March 21, NJ March 25, Tor March 27, NYI March 30, TB April 2, Fla April 3, Buf April 6, Pha April 11


TK said...

Call me crazy, but I would want the Habs to meet Washington in the first round. I believe they match up well against the Capitals. They always play them tough, and if nothing else the hockey is great to watch. Pittsburgh and Buffalo have had our number all season, so I think NJ would be my second option. They could either reinforce that NJ curse, or put it to rest in the playoffs.
However, for this to happen (washington 1st round) the habs would have to loose some ground and stumble into the playoffs. Never a good thing.

Arpon Basu said...

I agree with you, Washington is the team the Canadiens have played the best against among all the potential first round opponents (assuming they don't finish third, of course). Still, they haven't played any of these teams with a full lineup yet, so I don't know how much weight we can put into those prior performances.