Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomas who?

Tomas Plekanec, the "little girl" from the playoffs two years ago and the healthy scratch last year, has grown into a pretty fine woman.

Plekanec's overtime goal should ensure that Jose Theodore knows his last name now, and it gave the Habs a successful two games here in Washington, no matter what happens in Game 2 on Saturday.

Honesty time, I'm tired. Just wanted to let you all know where you can read my stuff for tonight. Here's a link  to my CBC blog, and here's my story for CP.

I'm going to bed.


NYG24 said...

Ovechkin must have been ill or hurt? That was NOWHERE NEAR the same player last night.

Meanwhile Habs with 33 less points earned all season long now have the home-ice advantage for this series.

TK said...

Thanks for the links to the CBC blog Arpun. Halak's play is reminiscent of Lundqvist when he played the Caps last year. That series went to 7 games thanks in part to Lundqvist stopping around 40 shots and stealing a few games. However, as the series went on he started to look tired. Let's hope Jaro can keep it up.

Also- I think it is a really good sign that the best players on the team (Markov, Plekanecs, Gomez, Cammaleri, and Gionta) all got on the score sheet early. Especially Cammaleri who looked a little snake bit the last few games.

TK said...

Arpun, was the press allowed int the Washington locker room last night? I haven't heard much from that end, other than from the coach.

Arpon Basu said...

Hey TK,
Yeah, the Caps room was open but I wasn't able to make it over there after the game. I read some quotes from Ovechkin and they were pretty bland. I would imagine it will be pretty interesting this morning. I'm heading over to their practice now.

nk said...

is boudreau the best coach to interview in the nhl? he's both diplomatic and honest, a rarity in hockey interviews.

i found his bit about outplaying the opposition and coming up empty handed especially interesting, considering it's been a hab problem for years. thanks for the link to your cbc article.

may halak see another 40+ shots on saturday.

Anonymous said...

The three stars from last night:

1) Jaro (Halak)
2) Jaro (Spacek)
3) Jagr ?

The big (little) guys showed up for the Habs last night. Very nice.


NYG24 said...

Heard someone last night, I think (PJ Stock?) say that Ovechkin about a week ago brought in his personal trainer from Russia to work with him and he only has done that in the past when he had some kind of injury - and that trainer is still there now?

jkr said...


I heard the same thing during the TSN telecast. McGuire was speculating the AO might be injured.

Who knows? Maybe he just had an off night.

NYG24 said...

Can you imagine how furious the little dictator/dwarf Bettman would become if BOTH Washington and Pittsburgh were eliminated by Canadian teams and in the west Vancouver would make it to the western finals against Phoenix and its 20,000 hockey fans in Arizona?

NYG24 said...

Also has Ovechkin interview video of today