Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got grit?

The Habs just sent Sergei Kostitsyn down to the Hamilton Bulldogs and called up Gregory Stewart to replace him.

I like the move because if little Kostitsyn isn't scoring or creating things, then he's pretty well useless, and seeing as he's one of the few players who can go down without having to clear waivers then he may as well be on his way.

There are a few benefits to this move, the biggest one being to reinforce the message sent with the Schneider trade that this situation is quickly getting urgent. The other major message is that the team wants players who work hard and laziness won't be tolerated.

Stewart has looked good every chance he's had (I know, it's only been four games) and he brings a grittiness that is clearly lacking on this team.

My only doubt here is that I don't know how Kostitsyn will react to this move, if he'll see it as a wake up call and find his game in Hamilton or if he'll simply go down there and pout.

Also, what effect, if any, will this have on Andrei Kostitsyn, though the way he's been playing of late he can't get much worse. Maybe not having his brother around will take him out of his comfort zone enough to light a fire under him.


Arjun said...

Are the K brothers little babies that they can't play with one another? Were they lighting up together? I mean, the Sedins, I understand, that's a package, but these two?

pmk said...

I hate them. other news -
Kovy not making the trip. will miss the next two games at least to figure out he's future with the team... I think he's done here.

wow. things are really starting to roll around here. If we trade Kovy that'll give a bit of cap room...

Sliver24 said...

Andrei actually took his game up a notch the last time Sergei spent a few games in the press box. Hopefully that will happen this time too.

Crazy news PMK. I just saw it on TSN. I've never heard of that before. They must be trading him, no? Why else would they leave him home.

The only thing I can't figure out is who they could be trading him to.

It may just be an outright salary dump, in which case I would expect to see him in the Western Conference in return for a draft pick. That'll leave the Habs more cap space to pursue other trades.

Maybe they're packaging him with a few picks and sending him to a rebuilding team that is trying to get a non-UFA player off the books in the coming years (i.e. Kaberle in Toronto).

Is there another player in the league that's severely underachieving and dragging his team down this season? It could be that both sides are looking to change the room and figure a one-for-one shake-up might do the trick. I can't think of anyone at this point.

However you slice it I'm just glad that Gainey is making something - anything - happen. I like fact he's being creatively proactive instead of just following the cliché and firing the coach.

pmk said...

agreed -pretty crazy - kinda a la samsanov.

another guy dragging his team down - hmmm avery? no bob wouldn't do that! would he??

the dreamer in me says he's the "big name" that TB needs, in the package for VL, to appease their fan(s?).

the realist in me says he's gone - probably for a 2nd round pick.

your right though - its good to see bob making things happen.