Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not much scout interest

In the Canadiens final game before the trade deadline, there is a relatively small group of scouts accredited for Saturday's game against the Sharks.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have two scouts expected to attend tonight's game, while the Pittsburgh Penguins director of pro scouting is here. Edmonton Oilers assistant GM Kevin Pendergrast is also here, but he's originally from Verdun and often attends games at the Bell Centre.

Otherwise not a big crowd on scouts row, as opposed to the standing room only gathering at Montreal's last home game against the Canucks, which leads me to believe a lot of them were here to see Vancouver.

Also of interest is the fact that Habs assistant GM/director of pro scouting Pierre Gauthier is at the game, and not out scouting elsewhere. A possible explanation is that since Gauthier lives in Philadelphia he just hitched a ride here on the team's charter last night, but I still find it somewhat curious considering what time of year it is.

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