Friday, February 20, 2009

Much ado about nothing

Wow, did things ever get crazy Thursday night, and I'm not talking about the Habs-Penguins game.

Many of my colleagues in the media were dispatched to the airport to await the Canadiens flight home that brought an end to a 1-4-1 road trip to forget. They were there to see whether or not the police would be taking certain members of the team away in handcuffs.

Juicy stuff, to say the least.

Except the truth of the matter was far from being that serious, and it was only because of a masterful marketing job by certain reporters at La Presse that the entire city was paralyzed with panic for several hours over what would happen to their beloved Tricolore when the report surfaced Friday morning.

In the end, it was a question of two young players showing some poor judgment by hanging out with a guy they shouldn't have, and the Kostitsyns' apparent affiliation with this man is as much an indictment of their naïveté as it is their agent Don Meehan's mild negligence in this matter. If indeed the report is true and this man was handling some of the K brothers' finances, then the agent needs to step in and look out for his young clients. But that's a pretty minor consequence of this story in the grand scheme of things.

Really, this has no impact on the hockey team as such other than Friday's practice will be a madhouse, what with this story and Alex Kovalev returning to the team on the same day. A perfect media storm, if you will.

It is not, as some suggested Thursday, anything that will shake Quebec to the core and break the hearts of anyone who loves the Canadiens.


Sliver24 said...

I know that this looks bad for the players that are implicated but this could very well work out in the Habs' benefit.

Look how great Plekanec played after a few days of rest. Gainey also obviously thought Kovalev would benefit from some downtime. I guess we'll find out whether he was right tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe a few nights in the slammer are just what those Kostitsyn boys need to get their game back on track.

They look tired out there, and a couple of days of rest away from the rink could be just what the doctor ordered...

...just kidding.

Arjun said...

So the K Brothers like to party with idiots. And Kovy is talking about blood problems (didn't he have a bad heart when he was a kid?) and I'm most surprised by Hamrlik's involvement in all of this. And all of this sure makes Gainey's job of signing free agents this summer easy. Oh, Vinny's coming here now. For sure.