Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Halak steals the show once again

Carey Price couldn't have enjoyed that.

Yes, his team got a much-needed win over the hottest team in the league, and Price would never admit that listening to the Bell Centre crowd chanting "Halak, Halak" from his seat on the bench was painful.

But it had to be.

It had to be tough watching the entire sellout crowd of 21,273 stand to their feet to give Jaroslav Halak a standing ovation as he skated to the bench for a TV timeout late in the third period. It's impossible to imagine what Price is thinking as he watches Halak taking over what was once his by divine right.

Halak stood tall in this 3-0 win over the Vancouver Canucks, and at times he was the only one wearing red who was playing at all.

The Canadiens did kill off a two-minute 5-on-3, and capped it off with Tomas Plekanec scoring his sixth goal in six games on a breakaway coming out of the box.

But otherwise, they were lethargic for the most part, benefitting from a goal on a five-minute power play and weathering the storm from then on.

Thanks to a man named Halak.

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