Saturday, March 14, 2009

I can't see a difference, do you see a difference?

I remember hearing Bob Gainey say he had a few tactical changes he planned on implementing into the Canadiens system, and he half jokingly said he would let the media figure out what they were, and how funny it would be watching us try.

Well, I've tried, and I can't find any.

Pretty funny, eh?

The booing began late in the third period at the Bell Centre and continued for the final four minutes, culminating in a rousing chant of "Carbo, Carbo, Carbo" towards the end. The loudest the crowd got was to offer Martin Brodeur a standing ovation for tying Patrick Roy on the all-time wins list. Some could see it as class, I just think they wanted something to cheer about.

The sellout crowd of 21,273 had just watched an entire game of their beloved Canadiens methodically dumping the puck out of their own end, missing easy passes, losing one-on-one battles along the boards, being outshot 2-to-1, and generally posing very little threat to a very formidable hockey team in the Devils.

No one could have reasonably expected the Habs to beat the Devils, but they would be expected to at least compete.

They didn't.

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