Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lose and you're in

Carey Price's performance against the Atlanta Thrashers was a huge positive coming out of a 2-0 loss to a bottom-feeding team, but I thought the philosophy was win and you're in.

Price didn't win, and Jaroslav Halak is ready to go, yet Price is getting the start in the Big D tonight.

Does Guy Carbonneau's memory only go back two days? Has he completely forgotten what Halak did for his team by winning four straight games, three of them downright thefts where the Habs had no business winning?

This may wind up being a turning point decision, but in which direction I'm not sure. If Price gets shelled tonight, Carbonneau has every single player on the team questioning his judgment, if they're not doing that already.

But on the other hand if Price has another solid game, win or lose, it may mark the beginning of an extraordinary ride to the playoffs for the Kid Wonder. If he enters the postseason on a hot streak, there's no telling where Price may lead this team.

But I would have given the net back to Halak tonight considering the roll he was on prior to getting the flu.


B B said...

Could this be to save Price from a shaky showing at home next week? Letting him get a cople under his belt before starting in the Bell Centre?

Laydownthelaw said...

You seem pretty sure that Halak is ready to go, but I've heard otherwise. In fact, I heard him say he's pissed off that he's still not good to go and the flu is nastier than previously thought. So your whole article, in my eyes, is baseless. Carbo's made enough bad decisions recently that we don't need to create a false one to make a point.

Laydownthelaw said...

Okay, so.... Since I left the previous message, the article about Halak still being sick has disapeared and been replaced by one that says he's good to go, but the Habs wanna ride Price for the season... hum.

So I apologize for calling the article baseless, since it seems you are right. Another weird move by Carbo...