Monday, April 20, 2009

Gainey at his revealing best

Here's a little portrait of the start of Bob Gainey's press conference Monday morning prior to Game 3:

Q: Bob, can you tell us who your starting goalie will be tonight?

A: Can't tell you.

Q: What do you think of the Milan Lucic suspension?

A: No comment

Q: Is the choice of goalie a game-time decision?

A: Yup

Later, he was asked about potential lineup changes for tonight's game, and Gainey first said in English, "I'm not going to discuss my lineup."

Later, when asked the same question in French, he said, "It's possible. I'd watch the warm-up."

The Canadiens skated for about a half hour Monday morning, and all the forwards were wearing red jerseys while all the defencemen were in white, giving no indication as to who would be playing with whom. The drills were no help either as the forwards and defence switched spots liberally.

Meanwhile, Gainey and Don Lever watched the skate from high above the ice in the press box, kind of like the king watching over his subjects from the tower of his castle.

Of course, all this is perfectly fine come playoff time, though I'm not sure if Gainey is trying to keep the information from the Bruins or if he simply doesn't know yet.

Personally, I expect to see Carey Price in net tonight, even though I think Jaroslav Halak should get the nod. Price was first off the ice in practice, which usually means he would be playing, but when Halak was asked if he was Gainey's man he grinned and said, "Nobody knows."

Least of all the Bruins, but frankly, I don't think they really care either way.

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Sliver24 said...

I think you nailed it there at the end. The Bruins just don't care. Frankly I think that our friend Claude Julien is probably chuckling a little bit at all the theatrics that Bob is going through.

I don't know if all these mind games are for the benefit of his own team but that's all I can figure. Nobody else really cares much about it - at least nobody that matters.

The only other thing I can figure is that he's doing it taking everyone's attention off of the fact that his Habs might not beat the Islanders in a seven game series the way they're playing right now.