Monday, April 20, 2009

Let the offseason speculation begin

That will be the talk around the city tomorrow when this potential sweep at the hands of the Bruins is finally in the books.

Which free agents will be back? Has Saku Koivu played his final game as a Montreal Canadien? Same for Alex Kovalev? How much does Bob Gainey offer Mike Komisarek? Is it in fact Bob Gainey that will be doing the offering? If the Lightning want Carey Price for Vincent Lecavalier, is that not the biggest no-brainer ever?

The Canadiens entered the third period of Game 3 only down a goal, with every possibility of putting together another solid period like they did in the first and come out winners, esepcially since hey were starting on the power play. But right from the drop of the puck, the Canadiens played like a defeated team in the third.

Not only were they not on the same page, they weren't even on the same book. But worst of all was that the Habs were plainly out-hustled by Boston in the period when the Canadiens literally had 20 minutes to save their season. No play illustrated that more than the final, empty net goal by Chuck Kobasew, where he beat Saku Koivu to a loose puck and outmuscled him to the net to ice the game 4-2.

The game ended with the stands half empty, and the other half of the Bell Centre faithful were booing and chanting "Carbo, Carbo."

Not pretty.


Arjun said...

Bob is a stubborn man. But who's going to fire him? Boivin? Is he not distracted by this sale business? Does Gainey deserve to be fired? No, I don't think so. But he's heard headed. He shouldn't have made himself coach. It was a big risk on his part, but that's Bob being Bob. But we have to admit this: many of the gambles he took (and all GMs make gambles) didn't pan out. Those were his gambles. I would rather see him stay GM and get a good experienced coach (and not Don Lever - I want a coach with NHL experience finally). As for the players? I don't know. I just don't know. It's the question we all have to ask: was last year the "real" year or was this year the "real" year? Do we even know what kind of team we have? Besides fragile?

Sliver24 said...

When the Habs were eliminated last season, despite having had a horrible second round against the Flyers, the players were cheered by the Bell Centre crowd as they left the ice for the final time that season.

This season they'll likely end the year showered in boos from the hometown faithful, and much like each cheer last year, every boo will be well deserved.

It has nothing at all to do with the results of the games. Sure, the fans were hoping for success, anticipating it even. But they didn't demand or even expect it. All they demanded, all they expected, was for the millionaire prima donnas that they've poured their emotion into all season to give it their all for the team and the fans.

They did not get that.

I only wish I had the intestinal fortitude to not watch the last game of the season on Wednesday. Unfortunately I'll be glued to the TV from faceoff to embarassing finish. In the meantime I think I'll read up on beaten wife syndrome.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse. I could be a Leafs fan...