Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good news or more baseless speculation?

I would be tempted to believe RDS when they report that Mathieu Schneider received good news on his bum shoulder from the specialist he saw yesterday. The fact he was on the ice at the morning skate is definitely a good sign.

Of course, it was RDS that reported Schneider's season was finished on Monday, but that may have also been true because the Canadiens medical staff may have indeed recommended surgery.

In any case, if Schneider could come back for the first round it would provide a glimmer of hope for the Canadiens to succeed.

But he won't be back tonight, and the Canadiens would be best served to wrap up the necssary point in the standings in Boston and eliminate any potential for high drama Saturday. We are all too aware fo what can happen when the Habs need a single point on the final night of the season to make the playoffs, are we not?

It appears that Bob Gainey will relent in his stubborn refusal to play Mathieu Dandenault on defence, which is also good news. I shudder to think what would have happened to Yannick Weber in a 5-on-5 situation with Milan Lucic bearing down on him on a dump in.


Sliver24 said...

Actually the story you linked to says he will be playing tonight, and that he was on the PP with Weber at the morning skate.

This is AWESOME. It still sucks that Markov is out but this happy news loosened the knot in my stomach quite a bit.

Now if we could just get Markov to visit Dr. Nick Riviera...

kyleroussel said...

Yeah, it was reported by the Team 990 that his equipment was on an Air Canada flight last night around 6:15pm (presumably AFTER he met with doctors in NYC). It arrived at Logan Airport in Boston around 7:30.

The only logical assumption, given that he was also in the morning skate today is that he is at the very least testing out his shoulder.

Gotta believe that he's going to play tonight. My thought is that he's probably planning on retiring at season's end, and if he *can* play on some level, he will risk extra damage to help the team. He must realize how the team's fortunes on the PP reversed once he came on board, and does not want to go out like this.

pmk said...

what about bgl and stewart? are they in? i hope so we need toughness.