Thursday, April 2, 2009

Virus strikes again

Carey Price has become the latest member of the Habs to succumb to a virus and it will be Jaroslav Halak in nets tonight in Long Island.

After Tuesday night's victory over the Blackhawks, Bob Gainey was asked about the virus that had struck Christopher Higgins and whether he's worried there may be some form of an epidemic cutting through the team like it did two years ago.

Gainey looked genuinely surprised at the question, and even a little put out, before basically dismissing the notion. But now the query looks that much more pertinent.

This is the second time in less than six weeks that a hot Habs goalie has been forced out by a virus. Halak was on a four-game win streak in late February when he developed some sort of a flu bug, and it could be argued that virus might have cost Guy Carbonneau his job, while there is little argument it cost Halak the best opportunity he's ever had to grab the starting job.

Now the tables have turned, as it's Price that has found his game and will open the door to Halak because of this bug.

Is it me, or is it somewhat odd that an organization with access to top-of-the-line medical care remains vulnerable to the common cold? One or two cases is to be expected, but the list of guys who have had to miss time because of a virus has become relatively long. Alex Tanguay and Andrei Kostitsyn missed games because of the flu, Higgins played through it the other night while Alex Kovalev had some sort of mystery ailment that he played through as well, and both goalies have now been forced out.

I have full confidence in Halak's ability to grab a win in Long Island, but the timing of this really couldn't be much worse for Price as he was coming off his biggest feel-good moment of the second half. I'm wondering if he'll be able to pick it up where he left off.

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jkr said...

This baffles me too. A wealthy organization with access to top of the line medical care seems to have a continual list of guys with the flu. Can't they handle the basics - hand washing etc. The season is on the line & this is getting ridiculous.