Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your daily Markov and Lang update

Andrei Markov and Robert Lang took the ice again Wednesday morning with strength and conditioning coordinator Scott Livingston, skating for about a half hour prior to the Habs morning skate.

Of the two, Markov was the one actually doing drills in an effort to play a game, while Lang was literally just skating around on his own shooting pucks. They were both already on the ice when I got there, and Markov was doing a drill with Livingston stopping pucks rimmed around the boards at the blue line and shooting them on net. He looked alright doing it, but later when he was asked to simply skate back and forth across the ice, he looked to be labouring between "sprints" (they weren't all that quick).

I'd be stunned to see Markov in uniform tonight based on what I just saw, which means there might not be a return engagement in Boston.

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