Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Stanley Cup pick

Just so I can look smart in the unlikely event that this were to ever come true, here's my Stanley Cup pick (drum roll please):

The Pittsburgh Penguins over the Detroit Red Wings in, say, six games.

There, that was easy enough. Now get ready to bask in my clairvoyance.

Just packing up the old garment bag for my trip to Boston today after watching the Habs practice in Brossard. I'll try to post an update before leaving, but I'm not sure I'll have time. At worst, you'll be hearing from me from Beantown, where I really hope to be able to catch a Red Sox game on Friday night. Wish me luck.


pmk said...

too much hockey over the last two years for both teams. my picks - carolina - vancouver.

pmk said...

oh - and have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

if it's carolina-vancouver, I'm done with hockey for good. I can't think of a less watchable final. drive safe, arp.

Arjun said...

The way I see it breaking down I really think Chicago goes to the final. Because I can't ever pick SJ again. A Chicago-Pittsburgh final would rock. A Chicago-Boston final would be the NHL's wet dream.